/FRB/WRITER - Data migration tool

It is a standardised tool for support and speedup of data migration in landscapes:

  • Nx SAP -> Nx SAP
  • Nx SAP -> Nx NonSAP
  • Nx NonSAP -> Nx SAP (in develop)
  • Nx NonSAP -> Nx NonSAP (in develop)

The whole tool is designed in conformance with internal design regulations of SAP AG company. It uses and speeds up standard function of SAP system.

Main advantages:

  • Quality control management:
    • Integrated cockpit for dialogue and bulk (mass) processing
    • Fully adjustable - range of data within the source, target system
    • Pre-programmed set of standard SAP migration objects - easily expanded
    • Easy implementation of customer subjects - in 4 steps
    • Uniform protocol and statistics
    • Built-in supervision of data environment consistency of source system
  • Management/minimisation of shut-down time of the systems
    • Performance optimisation
    • Possibilities of collective data download for N migration subjects at once

Areas/Sectors/Branch/Industry-solutions - tool applicability

  • Utility (electricity, gas, heating, ...)
  • Telecommunication
  • Insurance
  • Public sector
  • ...

Advantage of using /FRB/WRITER tool

Shortening of shutdown time:

  • Data download side (standardised technical solution)
  • Faster supervision and agreement of migrationresults (standardised technical solution)

Management of result quality:

  • Unified migration processes
  • Supervision mechanisms and statistics
  • Management of data clarity (pre-defined data quality checks in source system)

Cost savings for tool development and realisation of migration tests:

  • Easy integration of Z objects into the tool
  • Controlled data separation into more target systems
  • Control of partial tests of migration in data sample
  • Cost savings for implementation of migration in MDs sets
  • Standardised generation of input files for S/4HANA Migration Cockpit, EMIGALL, LSMW, Batch-Input, ...tools
  • All processes possible to paralyse and distribute by user between more application servers  (continuation to standard SAP mass-processes)
  • Pre-set and prepared standard migration objects and fields (possible to fill in Z fields and Z structures)
  • The tool does not in any way modify source data
  • Range of sets of pertinent for transfer of data is defined by user
  • Control tools: which object has been migrated/into which field/into which object of target system
  • ...

Supported strategies of migration

Contract history:

  • VAR1: History of opened (current) billing period
  • VAR2: History limited by a set date, e.g.: 1.1.2012
  • VAR3: Unlimited history

Movement data FI/FI-CA/RM-CA/FS-CD/PS-CD/...:

  • VAR1: Opened items only
  • VAR2: Opened items plus historical items for which there is installment plan, interest, …
  • VAR3: Unlimited history or history limited by a particular date of posting

History of equipment/devices:

  • Changes and exchanges for opened billing period

Free (no contract) objects of master data:

  • Business master data (Contract partner and Contract account)
  • Technical root data (Connection object, Premise, Installation + POD)

History of  Facts of Installation (e.g. consumption)

… etc …

Technical and conceptual parameters

  • The tool uses dynamic management of migration structures (c) FREE BEES s.r.o.
  • All processes are possible to paralyse by user and distribute between more application servers (linked to standard SAP mass- processes)
  • Pre-set and prepared standard migration objects and fields (possible to fill in Z fields and Z structures)
  • The tool does not modify source data in any way
  • The tool is developed in its SAP NameSpace /FRB/… (does not interfere with any functions of the source system)
  • Range of sets pertinent for transfer of data is defined by user, including target system – e.g. 1x SAP -> Nx SAP
  • Control tools: which object has been migrated/into which file /into which object of target system
  • The tool can simultaneously  create outputs in any previously customised formats and structures for other NonSAP systems
  • Part of the tool are tools for finding out the quality of data from the source system at both the level of database consistency as well as at the level of master data model
  • ...

Verified technical permeability

In case of ensuring and fulfilling all below stated technical parameters for the source system and implementation /FRB/WRITER/ permeability of 3.802.486 records per hour is verified in object PARTNER.

HW requirements/data for HW assessment/for fulfilling above stated permeabilities of the source system:

  • 145 BTC processes
  • 70 DIA processes
  • 12 UPD processes
  • 6 UP2 processes
  • Processes can be distributed to a variety of application servers

Licence policy of the tool

The licence policy of this tool is flexible - from granting a single use licence bound to a licence number of SAP productive system to unlimited licence including SLA.